Depth of Knowledge PD 4/12/16

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Depth of Knowledge Task:

Create a presentation that:

  • briefly explains DoK
  • cites multiple sources
  • uses visual scaffolds
  • create an example of a content specific activity at DoK 1 through 4
  • post to the Upload Your Presentation link below




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16 Responses to Depth of Knowledge PD 4/12/16

  1. Kathrina Johnson says:

    10th grade English PLC: It’s a sin to kill a DOK.
    Great powerpoint.


  2. Jenn says:

    Ms. Klein- your visuals provided an awesome breakdown of the various levels.


  3. Jeremy Mesa says:

    The eighth grade presentation was quite thorough, but it seemed as if the level two and three questions/activities should have been switched.


  4. Sharlene Moss says:

    Ms. Jacobs,
    I really enjoyed reading your presentation which provides great examples of the different DOK levels. I also felt your visuals helped demonstrate the task you required from the students. Sharlene Moss


  5. Danny Page says:

    Ms. Romero AKA Sapphire Blue, I was intrigued by your level 4 activity having students create their own fictional dystopian society. The rules, education, and punishment for breaking rules will be especially useful to the studnuts. ANd DaNg ThOsE CoOkIeS were GOOD!


  6. John Howard says:

    I looked at the DOK presentation from Ms. Romero’s group. The visual of the child climbing the steps of books was effective. The final tasks regarding a dystopian world successfully conveyed the DOK levels. Specifically, I was engaged by the actvity challenging students to come up with their own dystopian society. This is extended thinking, requiring comprehensive understanding of the genre’s characteristics.


  7. Kathrina Johnson says:

    6th grade PLC:
    I really liked the idea of cutting up examples and having students put them in order. Great idea and great presentation.


  8. Dr. Marionette Dallas says:

    8th grade Team
    Your DOK presentation is colorful and visually appealing. The content at each level is explicit and easy to implement.


  9. Maxine Bush says:

    Ms Diaz Garcia- Good work incorporating writing skills into math…and excellent suggestion, having students create equations to solve real world problems.


  10. Sixth Grade PLC says:

    Very insteresting visual aids that aids in comprehension.


  11. ellenaj8 says:

    Good job to Ms. Romero’s PLC. The slides included clarity and nice visuals


  12. carlarae1 says:

    nice job miss Paige


  13. Mr. Vasquez says:

    Kudos to the Monte/Kent Super Good Example. Excellent demonstration on incorporating DOK into a computer class. 🙂


  14. Almaguer, Silvia says:

    Ms Pulley,
    The concepts in your presentation are very creative and easily accessible to common knowledge for students.
    You can see the levels of depth of knowledge by the growing complexity of the questions.
    Very well done!


  15. Olea says:

    Good Job to ELA Sixth Grade PLC
    Very well detailed assignment. GREAT!!!!
    I like step by step descriptive assignments.


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